Love Blossoms by Daniel Brown for Mulberry

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Love Blossoms by Danny Brown for Mulberry

British digital designer Daniel Brown has created a website for fashion brand Mulberry where users can email a unique image of a flower to their valentine.

Love Blossoms by Danny Brown for Mulberry

Called Love Blossoms, the project uses generative programming to make each flower image ‘grow’ in a different way.

Love Blossoms by Danny Brown for Mulberry

Users choose an image of a seed from the website then enter the recipient’s email address and a message.

Love Blossoms by Danny Brown for Mulberry

On 14 February an email with a link to the uncurling, ‘growing’ flower image will be sent to the recipient.

Love Blossoms by Danny Brown for Mulberry

The designs are derived from Mulberry’s Spring Summer 2011 fabrics.

Love Blossoms by Danny Brown for Mulberry

Try it out here.

Here are some more details from Danny brown:

Mulberry – Love Blossoms

Mulberry’s Spring Summer 2011 is surrounded by all things bright and beautiful. With hordes of flowers in store windows, bunches strewn around the latest campaign images and the influence of “The Secret Garden” by Frances Hodgson Burnett throughout the new collection, Mulberry’s Valentine’s Day just had to have a floral focus as well. In order to provide users with a cutting-edge Valentine’s gift, Mulberry has collaborated with leading digital artist Daniel Brown, one of Creative Review’s ‘Stars of the New Millennium’, to create ‘Love Blossoms’ – a unique piece of digital art celebrating the seasonal fervour for floral fantasies.

Love Blossoms by Danny Brown for Mulberry

Using his innovative skills with interactive media and beautiful, fluid natural aesthetics, Daniel has created a digital flower; an intricate piece of art that on first sight looks to have been hand painted. However, this flower combines generative programming and advanced design to make it come to life and appear to grow in front of you. The design is such that each flower grows uniquely, ‘choosing’ its own organic shape as it would in nature.

Love Blossoms by Danny Brown for Mulberry

Daniel said of his creation; “The ‘Love Blossoms’ project gave the opportunity to apply cutting edge generative-art principles to an established, heritage luxury brand and create a seasonal and unique gift for each Mulberry follower. Using prints from the Spring Summer 2011 collection, each flower is generated so that no two blooms are ever the same.”

Love Blossoms by Danny Brown for Mulberry

In true Valentine’s Day tradition, the flower enables users to spread their love and wishes, but this time exclusively around the online world. Visitors can come to the site, choose a seasonal Mulberry pattern (with access to two extra prints if they log in using their Facebook or Twitter accounts) and send the flower seed to their Valentine. The recipient then gets an email on February 14th with a link to see their unique seed grow and flower. There is also the facility to share the fully-fledged flowers with others, by email or through Twitter and Facebook, so these beautiful creations can be universally admired.

Love Blossoms by Danny Brown for Mulberry

The ‘Love Blossoms’ project reflects Mulberry’s inherent duality: finding ways to combine English heritage and whimsical design touches with innovative, contemporary concepts that Mulberry fans can enjoy and share with others. Using a digital medium, visitors will have the chance to send a little Valentine’s spirit in a beautiful, interactive and unique way.

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