What Happens When by The Metrics

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What Happens When by Elle Kunnos de Voss

Interior designer Elle Kunnos de Voss of American studio The Metrics has created the interiors for a restaurant in New York that will change every 30 days.

What Happens When by Elle Kunnos de Voss

Called What Happens When, the floor, ceiling and all the walls of the interior are painted black, whilst the furniture and light fittings are white.

What Happens When by Elle Kunnos de Voss

Architectural drawings and symbols have been painted on the walls and ceiling, and each time the interior changes it will be mapped out on the floor with tape.

What Happens When by Elle Kunnos de Voss

A grid of hooks on the ceiling mean the lighting can be constantly reconfigured.

What Happens When by Elle Kunnos de Voss

Music and entertainment in the restaurant will also change every 30 days, as well as the food and brand identity.

What Happens When by Elle Kunnos de Voss

As a Valentine’s Day installation, pink and purple triangles of fabric were hung from the ceiling.

What Happens When by Elle Kunnos de Voss

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What Happens When by Elle Kunnos de Voss

Here’s some more information about the project:

What Happens When” / Interior Design by Elle Kunnos de Voss

The overall concept for the space is a ‘work in progress’ transparency into the design process as the architectural drawings are mapped out onto the dining room surfaces in 1:1, with each Movement change red lined to manifest the process and record the transformations.
Within this frame work we will design; a new lighting scheme and fixtures, unique spatial elements to create variations of visual compositions like perspective, scale and form and a new color scheme for every 30 day Movement. To keep the space flexible for the changing light and spatial installations we have designed a grid of hooks for the ceiling.

What Happens When by Elle Kunnos de Voss

1st Movement

SPACE / Elle Kunnos de Voss

The spatial concept for the First Movement is a monochromatic landscape of deconstructed volumes and fixtures, using a paired down aesthetic. White lines define volumes within the space, describing archetypal house and ladder shapes in a distorted perspective. The deconstructed chandeliers take their cue from a classic chandelier with cut cardboard prisms and large globe light bulbs.

FOOD / John Fraser

For the debut month Chef Fraser is serving a hearty, Nordic and Northern Germanic influenced menu which includes first courses such as Potato Skins with wheat beer fondue, pickled sausage and sorrel, Oysters with beet mignonette, sunchokes and arugula and Arctic Char with fennel aspic and preserved lemon and second courses such as Cod “Stew” with dill, squid ink and clams and “Hunter’s Plate” comprised of pig parts, bitter greens and bread dumpling.

What Happens When by Elle Kunnos de Voss

BRAND / Emilie Baltz

The branding system developed below uses a system of iconography to represent every month of What Happens When. Each month, a new icon will represent the brand, creating a playfully abstract visual language that has potential for multiple meanings. The application of the brand icons will be flexible, translating easily into uses like urban tags that will serve as artistic means of advertising.

What Happens When by Elle Kunnos de Voss

SOUND SCAPE / Micah Silver

Sound artist and curator Micah Silver has developed an evolving aural environment throughout the entire space. As with the design and menu, this will radically shift around shared inspirations each month. The January composition is a two hour long work that comes in and out of perceptibility and presence, an evolving landscape within which a meal and conversation can unfold in unique ways. Over the course of two hours the ear is guided through the range of human hearing. Among the source materials or sound ingredients used are “Snow slowly covering plastic foliage brought to Walden Pond in Concord, MA”, “Recordings extracted from YouTube videos made at rural bonfires.”, and the sound of orchestras warming up. From the entryway to the bathrooms, the entire experience is considered as a time-based event which can be composed for, enhancing the dining experience with sound. With speakers placed throughout the dining room, entryway, and bathrooms, the soundscape creates a connection between Fraser’s food, a sense of time, and the sense of place.

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